The Department of Children, Equality, Integration and Youth

The United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent is funded and supported by the Department of Children, Equality, Integration and Youth. The Department took this role from the Department of Justice which was in charge of integration policy before this responsibility was moved to the Department of Children, Equality, Integration and Youth following a transfer of functions between Ministers as part of the new Irish Government formation in 2020

African and African Descent Federation of Ireland (AADFEI)

African and African Federation of Ireland was formed and registered in 2021. Nine African Descent led organizations that compose the Steering Committee of United Nations Decade for People for African descent in Ireland formed this Federation as joint organization to spearhead the work on Decade in Ireland working with the Irish Government community and other stakeholders.

UNIDPADI Steering Committee Organisations

  • ● AkiDwA- Akidada wa Africa
  • ● African Scholars Association of Ireland
  • ● African Students Association of Ireland
  • ● African Lawyers Association of Ireland
  • ● Wezesha
  • ● African Social Workers Association of Ireland
  • ● African Priests and Religious Association of Ireland
  • ● Association of Mix Race Irish
  • ● African Advocacy Network of Ireland

Other Partners

  • ● People of African Descent
  • ● African Descent led organizations
  • ● Irish non-government organizations
  • ● Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
  • ● The Irish Network Against Racism
  • ● Department of Foreign Affairs
  • ● Irish Council for International Students